Learning and teaching

Birmingham City University has been nationally recognised for its innovative and imaginative approaches to learning and the department of Mental Health and Learning Disabilities is no exception.

There are many examples of the innovative approaches that we take to teaching and we offer a wide range of activities and tools to help our students develop their skills.

Interactive tools

Students at the department benefit from a range of innovative electronic learning tools and interactive teaching aids such as Moodle and Shareville.

The online resource, Elmwood House, was designed following consultation with current students and colleagues from South Birmingham Primary Care Trust to help student Learning Disability Nurses prepare for issues they will encounter in placement areas. Further development has enabled students from other fields of nursing to engage in activities to support people with learning disabilities in various settings.

We are keen to make learning as interesting and as interactive as possible, and class based sessions are designed to engage students whether in debate, presentations or in interactions with service users or actors, although we do still have traditional lectures as well!

Students have the opportunity to present their work to fellow students, lecturers and invited guests from the local Mental Health Trust in our annual Mental Health Nurse Student conference, which is organised by lecturers and students.