Children and Young People's Health

Childrens Nursing Our team delivers a Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) accredited course which will provide you with the clinical skills and experience needed to be a Registered Children’s Nurse.

Our Vision is to be national leaders, providing outstanding learning experiences which inspire and educate the Children and Young People's Health practitioners of the future.

Our team has a wide range of expertise and knowledge which covers community nursing through to critical care nursing. We cover a wide variety of specialist areas in children’s nursing as well as being passionate about teaching in higher education.

Our courses 

BSc (Hons) Nursing – Child

This is the main course that the team delivers. We are proud to be one of the one of the biggest providers for Child Nursing in the UK. We work really closely in partnership with our local Trusts to provide the future nursing workforce.

BSc (Hons) Nursing - Child

Professional Practice Neonatal Critical Care Route

Once you have you have completed your Foundation Course in neonates, the Critical Care pathway will develop your career in neonatal nursing with confidence and skill. 

Neonatal Critical Care 

Practice led Accredited Modules:

  • Diagnosis and Early Management of the Child with Diabetes
  • Complex Needs of Children and Young People with Diabetes
  • Fundamentals of Children's Stoma Care and Continence Management
  • Evaluating Children's Stoma Care and Continence Management
  • Introduction to Neonatal Care
  • Extended Neonatal Care

Flexible work-based learning