Richard Smith

Richard Smith

Academic Learning Technologist

School of Nursing and Midwifery

A graduate of Media Production from Coventry University. Richard has from an early age worked in various local radio stations across the Coventry and Warwickshire area. Initially starting of as a presenter of his own quiz show at Radio Abbey in Kenilworth and then going on to studying Media Production at Coventry University alongside volunteering as a Content Producer at Radio Plus in Coventry. 

Whilst working at Radio Plus he was given the opportunity to represent Radio Plus at various events in Coventry and even managing to use his contacts to gain some work experience at BBC Coventry and Warwickshire. During his final year at university he produced a documentary called “PIP” depicting his experiences when trying to claim the benefit. The documentary had very positive reviews and is now one of the most viewed videos on YouTube regarding the topic and even went on to be featured in the Independent and shared on Twitter by Radio 4's Paul Lewis.

After a brief period of doing various freelancing jobs Richard made the switch from Media to education. Initially volunteering as a Media Technician at Coventry College where he maintained studio equipment and assisted students with their FMPs. Following on from this he began working as a “Multimedia Assistant” at Warwick Business School where he coordinated the delivery of learning technologies such as Lecture Capture as well playing a key role in the introduction of transcripts to improve the accessibility of video content on online modules. 

He now works as a Learning Technologies Technician in the in the Faculty of Health, Education and Life Sciences in all the programmes in Diabetes Care.

Areas of Expertise