Julian Kilsby

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Senior Lecturer in Photography

Birmingham School of Media
+44 (0)121 331 7242

Julian Kilsby is Senior Lecturer in Photography for the Birmingham School of Media. He has a professional background in a variety of photographic fields including fashion photography, social documentary, travel photography and product photography.

He joined the University in 1999 and combines his work at Birmingham City University with also working as an internationally published fashion photographer, and he continues to shoot promotional images for clothing designers from around the globe.

The photography industry is continually changing and Julian maintains a keen interest in these developing technologies, the evolution of professional working practices as well as the delivery and consumption of the photographic image, and how photography impacts on all other media forms.

"The modules I teach are deeply rooted in an understanding of the requirements necessary to succeed in today's very competitive creative visual industries. It's about understanding the editorial and conceptual process whilst managing client expectations. It's about relevant camera, lighting and post-processing skills for particular markets. It's about developing a focussed portfolio that defines you as a working creative. And it's about a deeper theoretical understanding of the way we communicate visually; of image meaning, creation and consumption."

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