AHRC Knowledge Transfer Fellowship 2011 - 2013

The Knowledge Transfer Fellowship (KTF) in New Strategies for Radio and Music Organisations aimed to work with a group of commercial and community partner organisations to produce new online strategies, media content and to inform public policy.

The partners represented a cross-section of Birmingham's cultural communities and its music and media activity. We focused on the creative application of new technologies of sound distribution for the radio and music industries, working with over 30 organisations in the process, ranging from traditionally recognised music industrial entities, such as record labels, music distribution companies, and the Musicians Union, to more specialised, niche operations, including prison and community radio stations, jazz and art rock festivals, and groups performing religious music.

By studying the business motivations and operations of one KTF partner, Birmingham Centre for Media and Cultural Research (BCMCR) members Andrew Dubber, Simon Barber and Tim Wall were able to provide input based on their respective areas of professional expertise. They were also able to share these recommendations with other KTF partners, who in turn had much to offer to the other businesses involved with the process. That a digital PR firm could learn new ideas from a spiritual vocal group and that their paths are unlikely to have crossed without the intervention of the BCMCR research team, is indicative of both the innovative nature and ultimate success of the scheme.

To read more about the Knowledge Transfer Fellowship, please visit the BCMCR website.