AHRC BBC Radio Listeners Online

Interactive Cultures led the AHRC-BBC Pilot Knowledge Exchange Programme into Listener online engagement with BBC radio programming. We used the short name BBC Listeners Online.

The research team aimed to:

  • Participate in a process of knowledge exchange between the BBC and academics through the design, interpretation and dissemination of useful research
  • Relate the existing BBC philosophy, strategy and practice to findings on online activity through a dialogue between academics and practitioners
  • Produce useful insights into radio listeners' online fan activities for BBC staff
  • Make a significant contemporary contribution to radio audience scholarship
  • Explore the extent and variety of online activities undertaken by radio audiences, and the degree to which existing theories are useful in interpreting such activity.

The project was led by Prof Tim Wall, Director of the Birmingham Centre for Media and Cultural Research (BCMCR). He worked with colleagues Dr Bethany Klein and Prof Andrew Dubber who contributed experience in studying radio and online culture. Dr Lyn Thomas from London Metropolitan University and Dr Matthew Hills from Cardiff University acted as the other two senior project members, contributing experience in fan and audience studies.

The research produced useful knowledge and insights for BBC staff to inform their online and interactive products, services, policies and strategies. It also contributed to scholarship on fan culture, radio audiences, and online environments and activity.

The team produced the results of the research, analyses and interpretation in a research report and staff seminar for the BBC and four peer-reviewed conference papers or journal articles.

More information about the AHRC BBC Radio Listeners Online project is available from the Birmingham Centre for Media and Cultural Research (BCMCR).