PhD Research Degrees

Usually when you register for a research degree with us you will be required to gain a postgraduate qualification in research in the early months of your programme. If you have already completed masters-level research training, and are looking for accelerated completion, it is possible to move straight to registering your programme, but in practice most students find our research qualification invaluable. The course takes place over a single semester and this means that in your first 12 months of study you can have gained a post graduate qualification.

PG Cert Research Practice

This is a programme of study in post-graduate media research for students undertaking their research degree at both the masters and doctorate levels. The key aims and learning outcomes of the programme reflect the ones drawn up by the UK Joint Research Council. Some of these skills will be acquired through the series of taught sessions and workshops, others will be gained as your research develops, and in some cases students will bring some of the skills to their research study.

The key aims of the PG Cert are to develop the ability to:

  • recognise and validate problems and to formulate and test hypotheses;
  • undertake original, independent and critical thinking, and the ability to develop theoretical concepts;
  • establish knowledge of recent advances within one's field and in related areas;
  • understand relevant research methodologies and techniques and their appropriate application within one's research field;
  • analyse critically and evaluate one's findings and those of others;
  • summarise, document, report and reflect on progress;
  • apply effective project management through the setting of research goals, intermediate milestones and prioritisation of activities;
  • design and execute systems for the acquisition and collation of information through the effective use of appropriate resources and equipment;
  • identify and access appropriate bibliographical resources, archives, and other sources of relevant information;
  • use information technology appropriately for database management, recording and presenting information.