Kejela K. Denbali

Prior to joining Birmingham City University as a PhD researcher, Kejela has worked in media industries in Ethiopia as a journalist, editor in chief, director, producer, and deputy general director for Oromia Broadcasting Network (OBN), and lastly for Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation (EBC) before he moved to live in the United Kingdom.

Kejela also worked as a media educator. After completing his MA degree in Journalism and Communication from Addis Ababa University in Ethiopia, he joined the school as a part-time lecturer in Media Production where he taught broadcast program production (Radio and TV), documentary programs, entertainment programs, television news, and live broadcast for over six years. By this role in academic environment, he successfully supported BA and MA students to gain grounded knowledge through linking theory with practice in the industry.

Kejela is also an MA graduate in Media Production from Birmingham University, UK. His MA dissertation focused on diasporic audience’s media consumption from homeland: a study of Ethiopian diaspora in Birmingham, England.