My Music Industries experience…so far!

When I began studying I was on the BA (Hons) Media and Communication course, but very quickly fell for the music industries side of things.

Eliana Medalie
BA (Hons) Music Industries

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The topics covered in the lectures year on year are interactive, incredibly interesting and practically relevant and applicable to the real world. It’s hard not to become engrossed in the readings; ranging in topics from the British recording business, to licensing, piracy and copyright, and the culture of dance hall music to consumer practices at gigs and other live music events. Eliana Medalie  

It’s important that you know the modules are not just lectures and readings. In our first year we were tasked with setting up a record label, signing artists and putting on a gig! My group held our event at the infamous Rainbow Venues and managed to get over 300 people to turn up. This was one of the best experiences I’ve had at BCU – I was able to place myself into a real music industries context and learn on the spot how to write an artist/manager contract, make a website for a record label and create a following for our artists on social media.

You get out of it what you put into it.

In my experience, my fellow students are passionate about our classes and tasks. We are always given the opportunity to discuss our opinions about our own musical taste and our own aspirations for making careers in the music industries.

Speaking of which, in my second year I decided I’d pause my studies for the following year to gain some real professional experience in the music industries. The  lecturers were full of advice and contacts for me to use to try and get a variety of jobs during my year out. Using a Music Week directory one of my lecturers lent me, I landed a summer job working for an artist manager in London! In this particular experience, I was able to apply skills I’d learnt on the course to write press releases, manage social media content and create networks for my future.

Now, I’ve returned to my final year of study here and it’s as if I’ve never left. I’m excited for my future prospects and ready to apply what I’ve learnt on the course in the real world when I graduate.

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