Duncan Sedgwick

MA Events, Festivals and Exhibition Management

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MA Events, Festivals and Exhibition Management

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What have been your career highlights so far?

There have been several over the years working in such an exciting industry - but if I had to choose I think one highlight would be producing the EGM for Vickers when they sold Rolls Royce. Also up there includes running a successful events management and production company for eleven years – and helping Bear Grylls find his way out of a conference when he got lost…

What is your favourite thing about working at Birmingham City University?

The camaraderie of the staff and students – there is great sense of being part of a community within the School of Media.

How did you come to your current role, what have you done before Birmingham City University?

I’ve worked in the events industry for around 30 years – the last 11 years running my own events management company.

What do you think sets the School of Media apart from other university media departments?

Most of the staff come from an industry background and have first-hand experience working in the discipline they teach. That knowledge is invaluable and really helps students become “industry ready” when they have completed their studies.

What are your main responsibilities as Course Leader?

Working with the students to ensure that the students get the most out of the course – ensuring the content is current and relevant.

What are your specialist areas of expertise?

Creative event management, event production, building and maintaining strategic partnerships with the industry.

What are your research interests?

The application of emerging and current technological trends to enhance the audience experience.

What can prospective students look forward to most when they join your course?

Students can apply their own area of interest within the events sector to the course content and the assignments. They will meet and work alongside other industry professionals, in particular with the NEC, and have the opportunity to build their own network of industry contacts for when they complete the course.

What are your top tips for students thinking about joining your course?

Be proactive, don’t take the easy options, try to stretch yourself professionally and academically and above all have fun!

Why do you think it’s important to study a MA?

A postgraduate qualification really helps your job prospects.

What do you believe it takes to work in the media industry?

A good work ethic, creativity, being personable and having an eye for an opportunity.