Borrowing, renewing and returning

Fines may be charged if items reserved by another borrower are not returned by the given due date.

You will receive an auto renewal notification sent to your BCU email address informing you if an item cannot be automatically renewed.

How do I pay a library fine?

There are two ways you can pay your fines: 

Online Credit/debit card for fines of £1 or more
In person Credit/debit card (Visit the library Help Desk during staffed hours, alternatively use the self-service machines in the library)

When making a payment online you will need to sign-in to Library Search using your university email address and password.

What do I do if I have lost a library item?

Please contact your home library if you think that you have lost one of our borrowed items.

We may ask you to either replace or pay the cost of items that are:

  • Overdue for 28 days or more
  • Lost
  • Returned damaged
  • Returned with parts missing

If you have replaced and subsequently find a long-term overdue or lost item we will return the replacement copy to you. If you have paid for and subsequently find a long-term overdue or lost item within three months of paying we will offer a refund.

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