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Curzon Library is our biggest library, with two floors of books, journals and AV resources supporting the faculties of Business, Law and Social Sciences, Arts, Design and Media (including the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire), and Computing, Engineering and the Built Environment.

Current services updates

  • Study spaces may be pre-booked.
  • Browsing and borrowing is available using self-service.
  • Printing/photocopying facilities available.

Help and support

Hollie: Hi. I'm Holly. I'm a student mentor at Birmingham City University Library. So come along with me to the cause and campus and find out everything that you can do here.

Here is the library help desk where one of our friendly librarians will help you with anything that you need while you're in the library.

Christian: Take a look at your library and Learning Resources website for all the ways that you can get in touch. Help is also available 24/7 through your chat service.

Hollie: As a student, you can use library search or you can go and access millions of resources or thousands of books whenever you want. I prefer to use my phone because it's easier to scan the QR code to get resources any time from anywhere.

Graham: All of the books and physical items in the library are organised into subjects. So whether that social sciences, engineering or the arts, all of the books will have a corresponding number that can be seen on the wall here.

Hollie: There's two floors of the Curzon library, and these signposts will help you find where each subject is located due to their corresponding numbers.

This is one of our many quiet study spaces in the library. It's perfect for studying with friends or studying in groups, or if you just want a more relaxed approach to your study and.

If you fancy a more individual study approach, you can always book one of our private study rooms to have a much more concentrated session.

Here at BCU, each student will get £5 printing credit for all of their printing needs. And you can scan this QR code for more information on how to print.

There are printers on every floor of the library, so you'll never be too far away from what if you need it. Here is where we keep our laptops. So don't worry if you forget your own device, you can always come and borrow one of ours.

In order to take out a book and return it, you'll need to use these machines here. And you can scan this QR code for more support using these machines.

That's it for BCU has a library. Please check out all of the videos so you can see what else we offer and learn how to make the most out of your libraries while studying at BCU. Bye.

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