Digitisation Service

Digitisation Service

Academics can use the digitisation service to request book chapters and journal articles scanned under the terms of the CLA Licence. This digitised material can be made available to students for use on specific modules.

Please see below for further details.

How much can be scanned?

Most publications will fall under the terms of our CLA licence, which allows us to digitise content to the following limits:

  • Up to 10% or one whole chapter, whichever is greater, from a book.
  • Up to 10% or one whole article, whichever is greater, from a single issue of a journal.
  • Up to 10% or one whole article, whichever is greater, from a set of conference proceedings.
  • Up to 10% of an anthology of short stories or poems or one short story or one poem of not more than 10 pages, whichever is greater.
  • Up to 10% or one single case, whichever is greater, from a published report of judicial proceedings.

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Second Extract Service

Many publications covered under the CLA licence now also allow for an additional extract to be digitised. If you need a second extract from a publication then the digitisation team can try to obtain this under the Second Extract service.

This has additional costs attached and is at the discretion of publishers.

Please fill out a request form for the extract you need and our team will discuss the details with you.

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Items not covered by the CLA licence

The CLA licence scheme covers many but not all publications.

The digitisation team will check your request to see if it is covered by the CLA and where it isn’t we will approach the publishers directly to negotiate permission to digitise this content.

Direct agreements with publishers may need additional time to negotiate.

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How long does this take?

Time taken to digitise requested extracts may vary depending on the licence negotiation, complexity of material and capacity of the digitisation team.

Requests are usually handled quickly and extracts will be with you in a matter of days, however at peak times of year when we have many requests, the wait may be slightly longer.

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Can digitised materials be made available on Moodle?

Once your extracts have been digitised you will receive an email from the team containing a link to where the extract is hosted on our Digital Library. Please copy this and add it as a direct link in Moodle.

It is important that you do not upload copies of digitised content to Moodle directly as this would be breaching copyright restrictions.

If you need any advice on adding digitised content to Moodle please contact us and we will be happy to help.

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Request Forms

These are for tutors and staff across the University. They include:

  • Book and journal request forms - this form is available to fill in at the bottom of this webpage
  • Video and audio request forms - please email the team to request this form

To access a waiver form for submitting undergraduate projects to the digital library, click the following link:  Undergraduate Project Waiver Form  

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Contact Us

For general enquiries or any issues concerning the Accessibility of digitised documents, please email the team: digitallibrary@bcu.ac.uk

Phone us: 0121 331 5286

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Requesting Book or Journal extracts:

To request digitised copies of book or journal extracts please complete the form below. Please provide as much information as possible, as this will help the team source your items. We will respond to your requests as soon as possible.

IMPORTANT: If you do not supply a "Date needed by" we will assume the need is not urgent and prioritise our workload accordingly. We will endeavour to meet reasonable timescales, but it may not always be possible in the current circumstances.

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