Using Generative Artificial Intelligence

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Birmingham City University has created guidelines for students on the use of generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) in their work.

The Use of AI Tools - Student AI Guidelines document follows the same guidelines that your lecturers use and will be regularly updated. If you are unsure of whether AI is appropriate within your work, please read the guidelines or ask your lecturer.

For advice and guidance around academic writing, please visit theĀ Centre for Academic Success page.

Student AI Guidelines

Referencing Generative AI

If the use of generative AI has been approved as a source of information for the assessment, you should acknowledge its use in the text of your work using the citation format (AI tool provider, year).

Please visit the Referencing Generative AI page for further information.

Referencing Generative AI

Artificial intelligence and the literature review process

This guide shows you how you can use AI tools to help with all aspects of the literature review process. You will learn the terminology behind the technology, find advice about prompt engineering, the art of interacting with AI agents, and a list of the AI tools referenced in this guide. We also highlight key ethical concerns about the use of AI tools when reviewing the literature.

Generative AI LibGuide