Student Research Collaborations

The School of Law offers a range of opportunities for staff and students to collaborate on research, ranging from co-designing mock juror experiments and model legislation to co-drafting human rights reports for the United Nations and amicus briefs for US Courts in death penalty cases.

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Successful students will have the opportunity to contribute to projects being run by our excellent research centres:

Forward Thinking

Want to find out about all of the opportunities we offer at the school? Our new Forward Thinking magazine highlights every project we run, with loads of examples from our current students.

Forward Thinking Vol. 1

Forward Thinking Vol. 2

Forward Thinking Vol. 3

Students as Research Assistants Scheme

Students as Research Assistants Scheme allocates projects and/or bespoke research training opportunities on a grade-based merit system and is open annually to UG and PG students.

The Law School Scholar Scheme offers an additional, funded research assistantship to STARS students holding the highest average grade in their year.

Future Legal Scholars Scheme

The Future Legal Scholars Scheme involves students in external outreach projects, providing opportunities to work with external partners.

Research Matters 

Research Matters develops students’ information literacy skills through a series of student-designed videos showcasing research techniques. Students can gain a Research Matters Certificate on successful completion of online quizzes testing their research techniques.

British Journal for American Legal Studies

Students support the British Journal for American Legal Studies in the Centre for American Legal Studies as student editors, supporting work to style and fact check publications selected by the Editor-in-Chief.

Start up Grants Scheme

Students can engage with projects funded by the Faculty’s Start up Grants scheme, which provides seed-funding (including for students as research assistants scheme!) to kick-start strategic research projects.