BCU Researcher publishes report on Impartiality of Adjudicators in Mexico

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Rafael Quintero Godínez, Lecturer in law at BCU, is set to publish a report titled “The Independence and Impartiality of Adjudicators in Mexico”.

The report, published by Intersentia and coordinated by General Rapporteur and Editor, Professor Giuditta Cordero-Moss, was conducted under the auspices of the International Academy of Comparative Law. The in-depth study provides a comprehensive analysis of the judiciary system in Mexico, adding valuable insight into the Mexican legal system’s strengths and weaknesses.

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The report’s focus on the independence and impartiality of adjudicators offers an important contribution to the literature on judicial independence, drawing attention to a region where these principles face notable challenges, and contributing to larger conversations around the rule of law and governance in developing countries.

The report critically examines several aspects of the Mexican judiciary, including the selection criteria of adjudicators and strategies for balancing the influence of appointing authorities. The findings could stimulate a meaningful conversation among policymakers, legal experts, and scholars to create a transparent, merit-based selection process that prioritises fairness and the aptitude of nominees.

Rafael Quintero Godínez said:

The Centre for Law, Science and Policy at BCU engages with a range of professional external and internal partners to conduct interdisciplinary research to address how the law and its agents approach the world. As part of the Centre, Mr Godínez’s report stands as an invaluable point of reference for future studies in the field and demonstrates the significant contribution that academic research at BCU can make to the understanding of legal systems worldwide.

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