The UPR Project at BCU: Brazil

Working with Universidade Estáciode Sá in Rio de Janeiro to identify key human rights issues for Brazil's Universal Periodic Review.

Consultancy background

The Stakeholder Report for Brazil’s Universal Periodic Review (UPR) is a collaboration between Birmingham City University Law School’s three research centres, the Centre for American Legal Studies, Center for Law Science and Policy, the Centre for Human Rights, and with the Universidade Estáciode Sá, in Rio de Janeiro. The project will form staff and student collaborations to identify key human rights issues to be filed in the review.

About the UPR Project at BCU

The Centre for Human Rights (CHR) has been engaging with the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) since 2016. Under the auspice of the Human Rights Council, the UPR is an intergovernmental process providing a review of the human rights record of all Member States.

Through the UPR Project at BCU, the CHR we engage with the UPR through taking part in the UPR Pre-sessions, providing capacity building for UPR stakeholders and National Human Rights Institutions, and the filing of stakeholder reports in selected sessions. The UPR Project is designed to help meet the challenges facing the safeguarding of human rights around the world, and to help ensure that UPR recommendations are translated into domestic legal change in member state parliaments.

We fully support the UPR ethos of encouraging the sharing of best practice globally to protect everyone's human rights.The UPR Project at BCU engages with the UPR regularly as a stakeholder, having submitted numerous reports and been cited by the OHCHR.