Within CHR Consultancy, we provide legal advice and report drafting for political regions, individual governments, nongovernmental organisations and other stakeholders.

Below, you'll find details of a variety of cases the Centre has undertaken in the past.

Access to Justice in Sierra Leone

In addition to the below projects, we also work with Sierra Leone nongovernmental organisations and university departments, to help promote access to justice and the protection of human rights. The project also focuses on facilitating dialogue for the realising of transparency in governmental decisions making process and the application of the rule of law.

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The Universal Periodic Review Project

We provide advice, document drafting and alliance building services within the Universal Periodic Review Presession, before the Member State UPR in the Human Rights Council in Geneva.

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We work closely with the Sudanese Human Rights Initiative to promote access to justice, legal representation, right to a fair trial, women’s and children’s rights and prohibition against torture.

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European Union

Consultancy members attended the Working Group 1 on EU Instruments in the Fight Against the Death Penalty, at the 12th EU-NGO Forum on Human Rights in 2010.

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CHR, alongside the Centre for American Legal Studies, has contributed to the work of Amicus, formerly known as the “Andrew Lee Jones Fund", since as far back as 1996.
Amicus >>

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UK Environmental Law Association

A CHR Consultancy member is the assistant vice chair of UKELA whose membership comprises mainly legal practitioners, consultants and academics.

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The Florida Death Penalty Project

CHR work closely with the Eighth Amendment Project and FCCR to support defence attorneys representing defendants facing the death penalty in Florida.
Florida Death Penalty >>

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The California Innocence Project

The CIP is a California Western School of Law clinic which focuses upon considering claims of innocence and wrongful conviction of persons incarceration in state prison.
California Innocence Project >>

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CHR Consultancy members provide advice, reports and educative training for the Alliance for International Development, Education and Research (AIDER).