Students compete in mooting competition at UK Supreme Court

Law Students in Mooting Competition UK Supreme Court

Birmingham City University’s Internal Mooting Competition Final was hosted by the UK Supreme Court on 23 March. A team of 30 students and staff journeyed to London to support our finalists David Meakin, Ali Kazi, Uzma Malik and James Stallard as they competed to be crowned our 2015 Mooting Champion.

According to Supreme Court Justice Lord Sumption, who judged the final, all four students performed "most impressively and persuasively." Director of Mooting and Senior Lecturer in Law, Sarah Cooper said, “All four students showed great skill, determination and professionalism” in contending for the title.

Lord Sumption chose David Meakin as our 2015 champion and Ali Kazi as runner-up. James and Uzma also received great praise. These four students will lead our national mooting teams next year, supported by an equally impressive set of student mooting managers.

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