Barickeh Koroma

Barickeh Koroma

Course studied at BCU: BSc (Hons) Gemmology and Jewellery Studies
Company: West African Gem Academy 
Job title: Managing Director

Please describe your industry and the role that you do.

I am in education and I have set up a gem academy, the West African Gem Academy. My intention as the Managing Director is to make sure that we spread the knowledge of gemmology throughout the country especially to those that needed it the most (ones within the gem trade) and to give another career path to students and even adults who want to learn something new and unique.

What other Gemmology/Jewellery industry related jobs have you had?

I did some prospecting (for gold and diamonds) along a dried up river for about four months and the experience gained from that project was priceless!

What qualifications do you have that helped you to secure this job?

I have a BSc (Hons) in Gemmology and Jewellery Studies and the Gem-A Diploma in Diamonds (DGA).

Which particular elements of your BSc (Hons) Gemmology and Jewellery studies degree is utilised most in your job?

Since I am into education, I am utilising every aspect of the degree, especially gemmology. Because of the pandemic all West African Gem Academy classes have been online so this has enabled me to have time to further my own studies. I'm currently studying for an MSc in Sustainability and Environmental Modelling with a main focus in the mining sector.

What particular strengths of yours help you to succeed within your job?

Self-confidence and perseverance.

In your career, what stands out to you as being memorable or challenging?

The most memorable and challenging experience was when I was trying to pitch my ideas to a hall full of Heads of Schools, Principals, Chancellors of different universities and decision makers from the Ministry of Education.

If you were to interview, a candidate to perform the same job as you do what essential qualifications, experience and character traits would you look for?

Firstly, they will have to have a diploma in gemmology as a minimum qualification requirement, should be a good public speaker and most importantly be very confident in their abilities.