JUNK: rubbish to gold - Thank You

junk jewellery exhibition 2015 The JUNK: rubbish to gold project would not have been possible without the help of our amazing supporters.


A huge thank you  to all our performers.

Drew Markou, Francesca Antonello, Imogen Clarkstone, Jillian Moore, Jo Pond, Zoe Robertson, Davit Alexander, Karin Roy Andersson, Kate Bajic, Kathryn Marchbank, Lana Crabb, Laura Brannon, Mah Rana, Maria Hanson, Nanna Gronborg, Natalie Smith, Nuala Clooney, Robert Goldsworthy, Sally Collins, Farrah Al-Dujaili, Susanne Holzinger, Suzanne Beautyman, Toni Mayner, Hannah May Chapman, Milena Vizuete- Courtes, Francisca Onumah, Mia Maljokoki, Rachel Darbourne, Jivan Astfalck, Rachael Colley and Laura Bradshaw-Heap.

Thank you to the School of Jewellery

Kickstarter backers

Thank you to all our backers from Kickstarter

Sven Wilson, Lesley Gabriel, Werner, Melissa Cameron, Barbara Bradshaw, Blandine Halle, Yvonne Hau, Annelies Hofmeyr, Andy Metcalf, Sally Collins, Crafthaus, Anne Darbourne, Deganit Schocken, Noah Taylor, Rosa Corr, Nanna Melland, Tim Francis, Erica, Liz Cooper, Joss Burke, Simon Harrison, Theo Smeets, Bernice Donszelmann, Jo Bloxham, Martina Dempf, Susanne Freytag, Zoe Robertson, Liesbeth den Besten, Caroline Draper, Paul Atkinson, Ali Kings, Charles Martin Prince, Karen Lester, Michael Soth, Jane Dzisiewski, Sonia Collins, Hazel, Nick Goddard, Ria Lins, Sarah Thelwall, Alicia Butteriss, Rosemarie, Lawrence Green, Ursula Mann, Monica Wilson, S. Schwardmann, Carol Savage, Ruth Helen Manya Facey, Patricia Farrell, Hannah-May Chapman, Jocelyn Tallis, Bridie Lander, Viki, Susan Cummins, Heist Jewellery and Sophie Power.

Staff and volunteers

We had a huge amount of people help us throughout the project - thank you.

Steven Domb for his generous donation. Nuala Clooney, Drew Markou, Toni Mayner, Hannah May Chapman for their help in making the project a success. Judith Robinson, Anne Darbourne and Noah Taylor for their editing and proof reading skills and advice.

Sharon Smart, Lydia Epangue, Dylan Line and Brett Taylor for working tirelessly on marketing, producing the live stream and film of the project. To all our performers to came and generously gave their time and make the project so successful. Paul Evans and Karen Bartlett for their technical expertise. 

All those at Birmingham City Council and the Arts Council who gave support and advise. Thank you to Panjapol Kulpapangkorn for our logo and helping with graphics. Sally Collins for the promotion on social media. Lois Wiseman, Harry Sparkes, Karen Lester, Milena Vizuete- Courtes, Francisca Onumah, Francesca Antonello, and all at the rest of the students and staff at the School of Jewellery who volunteered to help, lift and set up the performance and exhibition!

Partners and sponsors

JUNK charities

Thank you to the The Arts Council England.

Thank you to our partners who collaborated with us to develop our program of workshops and to host our project, exhibition and live streaming. The Spearhead Trust, The Malachi Trust, PRODH (project for Redevelopment of Druids Heath), mac The Midlands Art Centre Birmingham, The Museum of the Jewellery Quarter,and Studio Gabi Green.

Thank you to all our sponsors and supporters, who have provided funding, materials, equipment, time, space and skills to the project.

Thank you to our supporting Charities who have provided all of the JUNK jewellery to the project.

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