Ann-Marie Carey

Ann-Marie Carey

Associate Professor

School of Jewellery
0121 331 5940

Ann-Marie is a Research Fellow in the School of Jewellery. She specialises in combining craftsmanship with laser technology to introduce new perspectives of understanding. She has worked with museums in London and Birmingham to create replicas of the Cheapside Hoard and Staffordshire Hoard respectively.

In her academic career, Dr Ann-Marie Carey has combined the traditional craftsmanship skills of goldsmithing with advances in laser technology. The blending of these two skill sets presents new perspectives of understanding, and novel approaches to the development of the craft. The perceptive expertise of craftsmanship underpins the interpretation of research data, and further more guides the appropriate application of technology. This approach has developed pioneering methodologies in how objects are created and understood. The duality of hand skills and advanced technology is a common thread throughout her research.

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