Murrissa Gitau

Hello, my name is Murrissa Gitau. I'm a Kenyan student enrolled at Birmingham City University studying a master's degree in Applied Child Psychology.

Why I chose BCU, UK?

For me, studying overseas was still just a pipe dream. Studying abroad appealed to me in large part because I want to travel and see new cultures. I've always known that working with children is what I want to do for a living. Kenyan life is lovely.

The people are the most wonderful thing about the place, along with the food, music, culture, and weather. Although there are difficulties in Kenya, some more serious than others, the people of Kenya are incredibly resilient and should be taken seriously.

As a Dietetics student at Kenyatta University, I completed an internship in major Nairobi hospitals, including The Kenyatta National Hospital. My experience working in the paediatric department changed my life because it confirmed my passion to work with children, but I also believed that more could be done than just the clinical side of things. Social media communication between the rest of the world and me is made possible via Covid. I was able to learn more about the field of child psychology as a result of this.

Since my mother worked as a psychologist, I was exposed to psychology from an early age and developed a lifelong interest in the subject. I could thus finally fulfil my lifelong desire of working with children by fusing my professional experience with psychology. That was the beginning of my quest to consider studying overseas.

While looking for the right course that would allow me to complete the necessary courses to fulfil my passion of working with kids back home. The greatest was available at Birmingham City University, and it fit my dream. I felt like I was being beckoned by the educational psychology and clinical child psychology courses.

I started the application process, looked for ways to pay for school, and prayed to fulfil my ambition of studying and working overseas for even a year.

Murrissa Gitau standing in front of Curzon Building

The process of getting to BCU?

I worked with an agency representative, who helped me with my travel arrangements, school application, and visa application.

It is my recommendation that you don't fall for the trick of believing the agent will handle everything and you can just unwind and go. 90% of it is your work, and 10% is the agent's advice. The application process started as soon as we decided on three universities in which I was interested.

When applying, a number of documents must be submitted, along with an English proficiency exam (IELTS) or KCSE English Language proficiency if you have attained the appropriate grade.

The personal statement is crucial because it summarises your goals for the future, your identity, and the reasons you wish to attend the university. These need time and attention because they are highly personal. The financial aspect starts as soon as you receive a conditional letter and an approval letter.

The UKVI team's and the school's communication facilitated the CAS procedure. After obtaining your visa, you can book your flight and begin your journey towards memories, education, and cultural interaction.

What the UK and Birmingham like from a Kenyan perspective?

The UK has a Kenyan vibe. The driving style, the laws, and the architecture all reminded me of Kenya. In particular, Birmingham feels like Nairobi. Odeon is even included! You may travel across the nation using the excellent rail system.

Enrolment and orientation went smoothly, was friendly, and opened my eyes. Numerous social activities held at the school taught us the ins and outs of various cultural customs. The need of saving money was emphasized, and they even showed us how to apply for part-time jobs. It was a lovely month.


To put it mildly, my course is fantastic. It is incredibly instructive and eye-opening. Accepting a part-time work means being receptive to new ideas and ways of living. Part-time employment is a relatively new and uncommon concept in Kenya.

It is now required that you have a CV, preferably in the UK version. Begin by using Indeed and other online resources. Respect UKVI requirements and keep your employer informed about any changes to your visa. Everything else is going to proceed smoothly.

In terms of my career aspirations, I want to work for two to three years in clinical child psychology or SEND educational psychology after I graduate, return home and fulfil my dream of working to improve the standard of living for future generations, regardless of their own disabilities.

Thank you BCU for this chance; it is giving a young Kenyan lady hope that anything is achievable with perseverance, hard effort, and a dream.

Interesting in studying at BCU?

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