Inclusivity within ‘femtech’: Period tracking apps and chronic health conditions

Funded by period tracking app, Clue, Birmingham City University researchers are embarking on a project to increase inclusivity in femtech apps by analysing feedback from those with Chronic Illnesses.

Inclusivity within femtech


Research background 

This small exploratory project examines how women living with chronic health conditions and/or disabilities within Great Britain currently use period tracking applications (apps), specifically Clue, and the reasons why they use them. 

Research aims

  • Establish how women with CHCs and/or disabilities, within Great Britain, currently use period tracking apps (specifically Clue) and the reasons why they use them
  • Examine how period tracking apps can be improved to be more inclusive of women living with CHCs and/or disabilities.

Research methods 

This study is utilising an online survey with open and closed questions to explore the research aims.


This study is ongoing but the intended outcome is to suggest data capturing fields for the future development of Clue, to meet the needs of women with CHCs when tracking their reproductive and wider health needs.