The pathogenesis of neuroblastoma

Investigating the contribution of transposable elements and endogenous retroviruses to gene deregulation and pathogenesis of neuroblastoma.

The Centre for Life and Sport Sciences is conducting research into neuroblastoma.


  • Leila Jahangiri

  • Tara Hurst

Research background

Neuroblastoma (NB) is a paediatric cancer of neural crest origin in which the amplification of is the strongest indicator of poor prognosis.

In this study, we are testing the hypothesis that transposable elements (TEs), including HERVs, may play a role in the pathogenesis of NB.

We are currently investigating the presence and expression of TEs including HERVs in NB and their potential contribution to malignant transformation using data we have generated from computational identification of TEs in NB WGS data.