Dr Muhammad Hossain

Muhammad Hossain

Lecturer in Public Health

School of Health Sciences

Dr Hossain holds a deep-seated passion for both teaching and research within the field of Public Health, recognizing its pivotal role in promoting well-being, preventing diseases, and empowering individuals to manage health challenges. His teaching and research endeavours transcend disciplinary boundaries and often involve collaborative efforts with individuals from diverse backgrounds, emphasizing the potential for each scientific breakthrough, awareness initiative, and policy change to positively impact countless lives worldwide.

Within the expansive domain of Public Health, Dr Hossain's work converges research, inquiry, and practical action to develop innovative solutions aimed at improving overall quality of life. This involves delving into the underlying causes of health-related issues and striving to address them effectively. In his current professional capacity, Dr Hossain seizes the opportunity to broaden his comprehension of public health, with a special emphasis on global health, and specializes in employing interdisciplinary research methodologies.

Dr Hossain's enthusiasm extends to mentoring graduate and postgraduate students in their research journeys within the field of Public Health, regardless of whether their work leans toward theory or empirical exploration. His commitment to guiding the next generation of researchers underscores his dedication to advancing the field and fostering future leaders in public health.

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