What stationery supplies do I need for university?

Ready to start a new chapter this September? Our third-year student Shelby has made a short vlog about some key stationery supplies which she has found useful during her time at university.

HELS Stationery uni prep

Stationery shopping doesn’t have to be expensive and like many of us, you may already have pens and notepads lying around at home. Whether you’re digitally savvy, or you like to keep it traditional with a physical diary and sticky notes, Shelby has shared her top tips on how to get yourself prepared for the start of term.

Our top five stationery essentials

  • Mobile phone/laptop/iPad - whichever device you may use to communicate with others/study.
  • Notepad – to write up any lecture notes
  • Pens/pencils/highlighter – to help with your lecture notes, (as mentioned in Shelby’s video, highlighters are particularly helpful when annotating notes).
  • Academic diary – top organisation begins here!
  • USB – it’s always handy to keep multiple copies of your work. USB’s are also useful when moving between studying at home and study on campus.

Where to shop?

Just in case you can’t find what you need at home, we’ve linked a few websites below that you may find useful:

Alternatively, check out the stationery selection when you do your next shop!


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