What can I do to prepare for my Sport course?

If you are looking to join one of our Sport degrees this September, look no further for tips and ideas on how to prepare for your course over the summer. We’ve come up with a range of options for you to explore and get you uni ready!

Get reading

The more you know, the better! We're not expecting you to be experts in your field when you join us, but getting a head start can help you underpin the key concepts of your area of study and help you start thinking about the future.

Read up on the Sport and Exercise Sciences best practices.

For Sports Therapy students, take a look at Sports Therapy UK to download a host of resources.

If you’re going to be studying Sports Coaching and Physical Education, take a look at The Association for Physical Education (afPE) website and learn more about their guidance and standards.

When you fancy a break from reading why not watch some of the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games, which are being hosted right here on our doorstep.

Start connecting

It's never too early to start making some industry connections and learning from others in your field.

Create a Twitter account and start following professionals and researchers in the field, such as @BCUSport, @BCUSportExSci, @BCUPhysEd, @BCU_SportNut or @BCU_SPT.

Create a LinkedIn profile and begin connecting with people.

Tune into a good podcast

Listening to a podcast at the gym or while you're catching the bus can be an easy way to absorb new information and gain deeper knowledge of the subject.

Give Laurence Bannock a listen on his Guru Performance.

Danny Lennon has a great podcast for all things nutrition called Sigma Nutrition.

Keep moving

As simple as it sounds, keep up your own exercise! Monitor your own fitness and nutrition and keep your passion for sport going. Why not ask friends and family to get involved so you can monitor them too?

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