Health student societies

Studying a degree in health requires a lot of hard work and commitment, so balancing it with going out and socialising can sometimes be a challenge. Our Students Union (SU) offers lots of different societies for you to get involved with, as well as subject specific societies too, so that you can share experiences and advice with people on your course.

Over the years’ students from different courses have come together to create their own societies – here’s just a few in the School of Health Sciences. 

Radiography Society (RADSOC)  

RADSOC – Aka, Radiography Society encourages all radiography students from first year right the way through to third year to get together, meet new people and share experiences. They offer members academic support and development, as well as hosting events and social events in a casual and relaxed setting. 

It's a great way to meet new friends and get involved with everything Radiography if you choose to study the course with us! 

Paramedic Society (PARASOC)

Because of the nature of health courses you can spend a lot of time on placement, making it difficult to find the right society to fit your schedule. The Society for Paramedics has been set up by Paramedic Science students who wanted to meet with like-minded health students and share experiences. The group welcomes any students studying Paramedic Science, or those who have an interest in the area. 

The society meets monthly on campus and organises events to enhance clinical practice skills (CPD), talks from other medical disciplines to talk/explain about their role and fun socials such as paintballing - featured in the photo right at the top! 

Each year the SU hosts an awards ceremony to recognise the achievements of the many societies across BCU, and this year ParaSoc won the Employability Award! Find out what other winners bagged them self an award.

Biomedical Students Society (B.S.S)

For all students who have an interest in Biomedical Sciences and Engineering – this is a society where you can interact with other students who share similar interests. The society is used as a tool to engage with students across both of our Biomedical courses to be able to get a better understanding of career options available; through seminars with industry leaders, lecturers from other course leaders, quizzes against other local universities and trips to relevant Biomedical organisations.

If you’re passionate about your future career and want to get networking with Biomedical students definitely check this one out.

Speech and Language Therapy Society (SALTSOC)

SALTSOC hosts fun events for Speech and Language Therapy students, as well as fundraising for relevant charities. First, second and third years are able to connect with each other, meet new people and learn something new.

They host social meetings on campus (sometimes with pizza or cake!), celebrate relevant national awareness days such as #SwallowingAwarenessDay and were even nominated for Society of The Year in the 2019 SU Awards. So if you're getting ready to start SLT with us, or just interested in speech and language then be sure to get involved. 

If you are interested in joining any of these societies when you get here, keep a look out during Welcome Week and at The Fresher's Fair. The Students Union is also located at campus at City South - pop by any time during your time here to join a society or find out how to start your own!

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