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Jobs in sport you might not know existed

If you're passionate about sport and wondering what is the right career for you, then you might be interested to see where a degree in sport could take you. 

There's lots of jobs in sport that you'll already be familiar with, such as a sports coach or PE teacher - so we wanted to tell you about careers that you can go into after studying a degree in sport that you might not be familiar with yet.

It's important to understand what you're interested in and what role you'd like to do after your degree, so that you can choose the right sport course for you and work towards a career doing exactly what you love...


Are you passionate about sport and have an interest in data? Then why not consider a career as a Sports Analyst after your degree? Now with a whole world of data at our fingertips, it is vital that organisations are able to convert this information and use it practically to inform business strategy - and sport is no different.

As a Sports Analyst you'll be required to understand and interpret data use performance analysis software – which you will be taught in your degree, however it is worth noting what systems your degree course offers so that you are able to take those skills in to the workplace. You could be responsible for analysing games and performances, to consumer behaviour, industry trends and the market place for organisations such as betting companies, sports agencies, sports channels and sports clubs. 

Health Promotion Specialist

If you’re keen to make a real difference to people’s well-being then consider a rewarding career as a Health Promotion Specialist. The overarching aim of this role is to ensure that more people in society are leading a healthy lifestyle to reduce mental and physical health problems. 

Typical workplaces include the NHS, private healthcare providers, education providers and councils where you'll develop new health policies, promote everyday physical activity that is tailored to the individual and raise awareness of healthy lifestyles. This role would be perfect for someone who is passionate about physical activity and a healthy lifestyle.

Performance Nutritionist

You could work as a Performance Nutritionist for a range of organisations such as universities, sports teams and healthcare organisations to deliver nutritional support to individuals and athletes, to help achieve their goals and improve performance.

You’ll be required to have expert knowledge in your field and be up-to-date with all the latest research to be able to advise accordingly, as well as using relevant software to support your clients. You could work across a variety of clients including sports teams, members of the public and athletes to identify performance goals and develop nutrition plans, resources, support and training. 

So, if you want a career that helps people reach their performance goals through nutritional expertise, this could be the one for you!

Exercise Physiologist

Are you interested in the science of the body and how it responds to exercise and physical activity? If so, then a Sports Physiologist could be the role for you! Using specialist equipment, you'll examine how athletes and individuals use their muscles, to be able to improve performance or help to treat/prevent illness.

This science based role is usually located in hospitals, private healthcare organisations, laboratories or sports teams. You’ll be required to perform physiological tests such as heart rate monitoring and provide professional advice to your clients to enhance performance and health.

Sport Assessor 

This role would be perfect if you're looking for a different take on the role of a Sports Coach. A Sport Assessor is responsible for promoting quality by verifying sport frameworks and standards, assessing people, such as apprentices, as well as coaching Assessors in awarding organisations to ensure standards and targets are met. 

This varied and challenging role requires attention to detail, organisation skills and would be ideal for someone who is passionate about ensuring quality standards across the sports industry. You'll enjoy working with data, developing frameworks and keeping up-to-date with the latest policies and procedures to inform new processes and procedures. 

These are just a few of the different careers that you could go in to after studying a degree in sport, outside of the conventional roles – take a browse of our sports courses to see which one can best lead you to your future career.

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