Dr Michael Bickerton

Dr Michael Bickerton

Course Leader


Dr Michael Bickerton is Course Leader on the BSc (Hons) Digital Film Production course.

Michael has been producing and teaching film for over twenty-five years. He has international production experience and has taught on prestigious courses (such as the UK Film Council’s 'Introduction to Screenwriting').

He organises the annual BCU Film Freelancers Fair, where he invites key industry practitioners to share their experiences of working in the UK film industry and invites manufacturers to introduce new kit to BCU for students to evaluate on-site.

His research focuses on how the adoption of technology through digital transformation impacts on the learning experiences of technical craft learner-practitioners and the organisational aspects of their practice. As part of this, he is curious about how production scale, hierarchy and demarcation influences these experiential learning opportunities.

Michael says: “Working everyday with such amazing young talent – watching them develop their skills and practices and getting them ready for the demanding world of film production – makes my job the best in the world.”

His main distraction from work is beekeeping where he manages over ten beehives. ‘You can learn so much from bees" he says, “Their work ethic, their tenacity, their collaboration - all focussed on the final result, is much like a film crew."

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