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Recently our final year BA Textiles Students were treated to a whole day packed full of industry insights which included presentations, talks, advice giving and networking with the professionals. Students were able to gain an insight into the design world and the exciting career prospects in the Textile Design industry.

The event was also organised to exhibit and award the work that final year textile design students had created in response to two trends from Colour Hive, Vibe and Story earlier in the term. Our soon-to-be-graduates benefited from many useful tips on real world business aspects, including advice on pricing samples for clients and the best ways of getting your name out in the industry.

The day was wrapped up with our special guests judging our students’ work. The judges were looking for creativity, originality and response to the brief.

Eight third year BA (Hons) Textile Design students were celebrating after recognition for their outstanding work by key design industry leaders – Hannah Malein (Colour Hive), Jean Ensell and John Hall (Ensell & Hall Print Design Studio), Jay Blades (Social Entrepreneur of Jay & Co.), Kirsty McDougall (Rare Threads Design Studio) and Michael Angove (print designer).

We talked to Amelia, Rosie and Eleanor to find out more about their winning pieces and how the course has helped them prepare for industry.

'Show Stopper' award winner: Amelia RoeAmelia:

It was an honour for my design to be considered suitable for something professional. This experience will allow me to work with Jay Blades and Ensell & Hall to create a final chair upholstered with my design. I am extremely lucky to have this opportunity as it will broaden my experience with working professionally and becoming an independent designer.

My project was focused on 'Story', the subject being appreciating diversity and folklore. The project was to bring ancient stories from refugee countries into textiles through imagery, and providing comfort and security through the use of soft materials.

The BCU Textile course has helped me prepare for industry and to really play to my strengths by pushing me to achieve my best. BCU has given great opportunities to expose our work and talent in competitions and continuous collaborations with companies such as Epson and Staying Cool.

'Best Overall Trend Response'  award winner: Rosie Gee


My project was about reinventing the historical archive but with a contemporary twist. The aim of the project was to celebrate traditional hand embroidery techniques and conserve craftsmanship which are currently highly important issues arising within the embroidery industry. The final challenge was to innovate a mechanism that allowed for the flower patches to be linked together in a delicate and unique way which therefore resulted in the construction of the final chain mail sample.

The textile design tutors and technicians have been very supportive of my journey. As well as providing teaching for important technical skills vital for industry, they go above and beyond to organise engaging guest speakers and collaborations with live briefs. The tutors are also very encouraging when it comes to helping to build confidence and celebrate everyone’s individuality as a designer.

'Best Overall Trend Response'  and 
'Most Commercial Trend Interpretation' award winner: Eleanor Brown


My project focused on the migration of birds and marine life and the perils involved. These include being unintentionally captured in fishing nets, plastic pollution issues in oceans and the ensnaring of birds in mist nets. Highlighting the struggles of migration worldwide.

BCU has been very supportive with my journey, with very knowledgeable and supportive tutors and invaluable constructed textiles technician Sheila, who always makes time even when she doesn’t have any, to help and advise students.

Congratulations to all students who won awards and everyone who helped with the event!

Hannah Malein from Colour Hive awarded the following students:

  • Theresa Murphy for best overall trend response (Vibe trend)
  • Rosie Gee for best overall trend response (Story trend)
  • Lucinda Laughton for most inventive stitch 
  • Kathryn Theseira for most interesting use of colour

Jean Hensell and John Hall from Ensell & Hall Print Studio awarded:

  • Molly Arrowsmith for most commercial trend interpretation (Vibe trend) 
  • Eleanor Brown for most commercial trend interpretation (Story trend)

Michael Angove awarded:

  • Emilie Helliwell for most imaginative material response

Kirsty McDougall from Rare Threads awarded:

  • Eleanor Brown for most inventive CT response

Jay Blades from Jay & Co awarded:

  • Amelia Roe for Exhibition 'Show stopper'

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