How did COVID-19 affect our Fashion students' end of year studies?

While many fashion students are disappointed at having their final shows cancelled because of the pandemic, BCU’s Shannon McGowan and Leah Moss explains how they have turned adversity into opportunity.

Fashion students Shannon McGowan and Leah Moss amongst other students explain how COVID-19 has affected their plans for the future. Shannon explains how heartbreaking it is to put so much time and energy into something and it just gets taken away.

Both Shannon and Leah have used inspiration from different aspects of their life for their final year projects. Leah’s main inspiration came from her granddad, who was a miner; she researched the miner strikes of 1984 which allowed her to create her 80s influenced outfits. On the other hand, Shannon re-purposed golf bags, cut them up and designed them into garments. During her free time she found the opportunity to gain new skills by using 3D software to create looks in virtual reality.