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Are you an aspiring writer, illustrator or social media manager? The Ohana Magazine society is perfect for you! It aims to create a safe and exciting environment to gain editorial experience producing student-led magazines. Read on to read student Carina Coelho’s response to our questions we had about Ohana Magazine society.

Carina Coelho
BA (Hons) Fashion Branding and Communication Student

Tell us about your society - what is it about?

We produce student-led magazines created collaboratively as a team. Our mission is to inform, shape debates and raise awareness of significant and relevant topics with a strong commitment to diversity, equality and inclusion.

What does Ohana mean and why was it chosen?

The name Ohana actually refers to a person’s extended family in Hawaiian, which perfectly suited our goal to make all readers feel like they are a part of a bigger family where everyone is accepted and embraced in society.

What are the benefits of joining a society? What have you most enjoyed?

There are so many benefits! Joining a society enables you to meet and work with so many likeminded students, you can try new things, enhance your skills, and so much more. I’ve really enjoyed trying new things and growing my graphic design skills to collaboratively create engaging and professional spreads.

Also, I’ve enjoyed experimenting by writing a range of articles suitable for a magazine and developing my skills within a welcoming, collaborative environment. We’ve built a community that celebrates and embraces culture and individual characteristics through Ohana, which has been lovely to see and be a part of.

What has the experience been like at Ohana?

Being a part of Ohana has been a really positive and fun new experience, and I’ve loved meeting and collaborating with so many talented and creative BCU students. I also love that you can experiment in any team within the magazine according to your interests and skills, it allows for great flexibility and enables you to explore a range of roles such as writing, graphic design, illustration, photography, social media and PR.

Why should BCU students join Ohana Magazine society? Can students from all courses join the society?

Everyone from BCU is welcome to join the society! We are always looking for new members and encourage you to test out various roles within the magazine to explore and discover what you love to do. Ohana provides a safe environment to gain editorial experience and experiment with language and design techniques. We regularly meet up online through Teams to have meetings and discuss what we are currently working on.

I would say joining a society such as Ohana allows you to make the most out of having the valuable opportunity to collaborate and meet other students whilst at BCU, as this will expand your skillset because you can learn from one another whilst having fun!

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