8 of the Best Fashion Podcasts

Whether you’re looking for light-hearted chat or a more in-depth conversation, there’s something for everyone looking to make their mark on the fashion industry. 

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Dressed: The History of Fashion

“With over seven billion people in the world, we all have one thing in common. Every day we all get dressed.”

Cassidy Zachary and April Calahan explore the rich history behind the clothes we wear. Their charming, funny and knowledgeable approach has earned them a loyal following as they examine the social and cultural origins of everything from the Victorian language of flowers, black dandyism and the use of glitter in fashion.

Left: Dressed logo, Right: Fashion No Filter logoFashion No Filter

A unique, behind-the-scenes take on the inner workings of the fashion industry hosted by influencer Camille Charrière and journalist Monica Ainley, packed with interviews with notable names. They get to grips with Instagram algorhythms with the app’s Head of Fashion Partnerships Eva Chen, spill the tea with Bryanboy and talk creativity with Dan Thawley, Editor-in-Chief of A Magazine Curated By. The pair’s familiarity with the worlds of fashion, social media and sustainability result in an honest, relatable insight into this fast-paced world.

The Business of Fashion Podcast

Heralded as the fashion bible, the Business of Fashion offers an informed, analytical look at the industry. With new episodes twice a week, the magazine’s accompanying podcast, hosted by the publication’s founder and CEO Imran Ahmed, has become one of the most reliable resources for fashion news both for industry insiders and enthusiasts alike. Covering topics from systemic racism, the future of retail and the ongoing fur debate, this is a fascinating look at the big issues facing the industry today. 

Left: Fashion Fix logo, Right: Wardrobe Crisis logoSo… What Do You Do Again?

Hosted by Vogue’s Associate Market Editor Naomi Elizée, SWDYDA is dedicated to highlighting the lives, successes and obstacles faced by women of colour in the fashion industry. With plenty of humour and warmth, Naomi talks candidly to brand consultants, designers, models, stylists and entrepreneurs about their experiences. A great resource for young people of colour looking to break into the industry. 

Fashion Fix with Charli Howard

Model and body activist Charli Howard gives you a fashion fix while fixing the world. Her entertaining interviews with industry game-changers unpick a range of complex issues from low pay to vegan fashion, worker rights to body positivity. With an easy charm and her finger firmly on the pulse of the industry, Charli sets out to tackle at the industry’s reputation for putting profits before people and the planet.

In Vogue: 1990s

A new kid on the block, this spin-off from Vogue’s long-running podcast takes a deep dive into the global trends, fashion subcultures and mass marketing tactics of the 1990s. Discussing everything from It Girls, Grunge and the rise of the supermodel, host and industry guru Hamish Bowles and his star-studded line-up of guests explore this pivotal chapter in fashion history.

What Were You Thinking?

Fashion Designer Henry Holland hosts his own podcast in partnership with his luxury re-sale site Vestaire Collective. Iconic guests including Beth Ditto, Jake Shears and Alexa Cheung, look back at their sartorial choices and chat about some of their best-loved looks. Each guest is invited to donate one pre-loved item to Vestaire Collective and the proceeds go to a charity of their choice.

Wardrobe Crisis

Hosted by Clare Press, Vogue Australia’s first Sustainability Editor, shines a light on the most pressing issue facing the industry today: the climate crisis. It’s an honest, no-holds-barred look at the fashion industry on the environment and hopeful stories of how innovators are finding solutions for ethical production. A great resource to help us all be a little savvier about where our wardrobe comes from.

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