Level Up team

Student Success Adviser

Ceri Osborne

Graduating from the BA (Hons) English course in 2016, Ceri uses her first-hand experiences to support students’ transition into the University. Providing a warm welcome into life in Higher Education, alongside the brilliant team of School of English Level Up mentors.

Her role is to offer guidance and support to students throughout their academic careers at Birmingham City University and to ensure that you get the best out of your degree. Helping students’ engage with their studies, develop as independent researchers and progress towards emerging as work-ready individuals, are all key areas of focus in Ceri's jobs.

Your Student Success Adviser is available to offer guidance to ensure that you have the opportunity to complete your degree to the best of your ability. The range of available support includes everything from advising on financial hardship, mental health support, essay writing skills, internal employment opportunities, fulfilling your academic potential and connecting with students on other courses to promote your creative and critical work.

Level Up Mentors

Casey Rooney

Hi! I'm Cas. I'm from the School of English and I am passionate about poetry and Language. In my spare time, I perform my original spoken word poetry with the Poetry In Performance Society here at BCU. In my first year of University I had over an hour of commute but in July I moved to my own apartment closer to University; I would be happy to answer any queries about moving, especially moving into apartments with private landlords (not University accommodation). I cannot wait to meet all of the new students for 2019!

Raima Khatun

My hobbies include reading, writing and travelling. I am the type of student that seeks a challenge. I love to go beyond my capabilities and learn and improve myself as a person. What I love about BCU and SoE is that it doesn't matter who you are, there are people who are willing to listen and help. BCU challenges you to grow as a person and open your mind to new adventures and give yourself a chance to discover new things you never thought you could encounter.


Chloe Morris

I love BCU because I am a commuting student and with the university being so central, my commute is easy. I come from a small town so coming to Birmingham is exciting as there are so many things to do and places to see. Especially as one of my favourite hobbies is shopping, being in Birmingham is perfect as BCU is so close to the shopping centre.





Ravenna Allcott

Ravenna is a Brummie born and bred who loves to write. Ravenna accepts that she has the occasional ‘wobble’ during her studies due to external challenges in her life. She is very proud to acknowledge that she is a student with learning difficulties whose academic journey is different from her fellow students. Ravenna is eager to help any student who may have additional obstacles to face during their future studies.



Jay Jones

Hi, I’m Jay and I will be going into my third year at BCU. I am on the BA English course route and also commute to and from the university. The School of English has been such a welcoming and accepting faculty and it’s great to be a part of it. Feel free to ask me any questions!






Hi I'm Shuli, a 21 year old commuter student going into my final year. I study BA English, specialising in Literature and Creative Writing, and my favourite module so far has been Writing Audio Drama. I've loved getting to know the School of English because everyone is so friendly and interesting. I'm always down for a good chat, and am happy to help you in any way, so please feel free to message me about anything.



Anishah Ahmed

Hi, I’m Anishah Ahmed and I’m currently in my final year of English and Creative writing. I am a Birmingham resident, but I commute. I am confident as well as outgoing and my hobbies include reading, writing poetry and eating my body weight’s worth of food. I can empathise with first year students as I was that nervous mess, so first years please do not hesitate to approach me. If you have any questions or are confused, drop me an email or don’t be afraid to approach me on campus and I’d be more than happy to help.

Sameena Banjee

Hi I’m Sameena, most people call me Sam. I’m doing a BA in English and Creative Writing and no I don’t know where it’ll take me in the future. I like writing, reading, art, baking and trying out new things!






Rachel Jones

I'm a Creative writing student who commutes to uni, over an hour from my house. I love BCU as it is an inclusive place, where you get all the help you need from both teachers and students around you, making you feel welcome and making sure you feel comfortable in your studies and any problems you have in your life, from needing jobs to mental health. Thanks, Rachel.




Personal Tutor

Every student at the School is allocated a personal tutor during the first few weeks at University. The personal tutor will be a member of your teaching team who can be approached for personal and professional advice during your time at Birmingham City University. Timetabled one-to-ones with them are integrated into every term and, of course, you are more than welcome to approach any of the team if you have a question or worries. If you are unsure who your personal tutor is please speak to your lead tutor.