Q&A with our Final Year Students: Natalie and Emily

As our final year students head towards the end of their time with us at University, we asked a few of them to reflect on their journey and experiences with us so far.

QA English blog- Natalie and Katie primary

BA (Hons) English student Natalie and BA (Hons) English Literature student Emily answer a few questions on their views on the university, their chosen course and their future plans.

How have you found the School of English so far?

Natalie: It’s amazing. Everyone within the School has been so helpful. When I talk to other people about their university experience, it never sounds as engaging. I feel like we get a lot of support, the tutors are always willing to help and improve our studies.

Emily: When I was home for Christmas, my mum asked me if I thought I’d made the right choice by coming here, and I said yes, it is probably the best choice I’ve ever made. I will tell everyone I meet that if they want to study English, they need to come here because the support system is just incredible. We are actually so lucky to be here with everyone around us.

What do you think makes it different to other University Schools of English

Natalie- English blog Natalie: When you come in and you just walk around the School of English, you know everyone and they are all willing to have a chat with you and say hi. Even if it’s not academic support, Student Success Advisor, Ceri is always there to support you. It’s a really nice community to be part of.

Emily:  In the first year you get to do a bit of everything. That was really nice because I got to do Language which I didn’t think I’d be doing and I really enjoyed that experience.

What has been the experience that you have enjoyed the most so far?

Natalie: Probably the trips. We went to Strawberry Hill House in Twickenham last year which was really interesting. We went to a mental health museum and the National Archives and got to see some 19th century documents of psychological patients for our literature and psychology module. We are also encouraged to go to a lot of the theatre productions in Birmingham which otherwise we wouldn’t have done. Especially the ones for the Conservatoire students – they always tell us what’s on and that we should go to productions.

Emily: I’m not a drama person at all but we had to do some drama in first year and it was actually my favourite module!

How do you find living away from home in Birmingham?

Natalie: It’s actually quite nice, we have had a good time in halls and we now live together in Selly Oak. It makes you feel independent. I like going home as well but it is so nice to come back, the independence is so nice.

What advice would you give to potential students as they choose their university?

Emily English blog Emily: I was really nerdy when I was looking. I made a table of my 5 UCAS choices and the modules they offered and highlighted my favourites and then picked which ones had the most that I liked.

Natalie: I finished my A-Levels and then had a year off so I had a full year to actually decide and think about it because originally I wanted to do Primary Teaching, which I’m glad I didn’t do in the end because I now have a bigger variety to pick from. That is the good thing about English, there are so many opportunities. The School puts on events where they have brought past students back and it is really interesting to hear all the different types of jobs they are doing now.

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