Knowledge Based Engineering

What is Knowledge Based Engineering (KBE)?

Knowledge Based Engineering is an innovative method for design automation which captures and reuses product and process knowledge, allowing businesses to rapidly develop products.

It is based on the premise that even basic products have key elements, such as manufacturing specifications and costings, which are vital to designing or developing them. Engineers may have to recall and reference this information when developing new, or advancing existing, designs.

By capturing human expertise, product and process knowledge, organisation requirements, or any other humanly-created entity into an adaptive knowledge base it is easier to advance, evolve and engineer new and existing products.

How can you benefit from KBE?

Using KBE design and development, projects that took months can now be completed in days.

The KBE Lab

Based on our extensive experience with industry, nationally and internationally, we have developed the UK's first dedicated KBE Lab, offering industry, commerce and professionals, teaching, training and research.

By enabling key engineers to share information through collaborative modelling methods, our Lab allows companies to free up valuable individuals allowing them to rapidly explore and design multi-functional products. The benefit of using the KBE Lab is it ultimately allows engineers and technical staff to be more innovative in their daily activities.

Specifically we can offer:
  • Information Service
  • Software Demonstration Centre
  • Expertise in teaching and training engineers to use KBE solutions
  • KBE-based research services and projects
  • KBE-based complete design solutions
  • Practical KBE implementation consultancy
  • KBE-trained undergraduates and postgraduates.

Examples from KBE's track record:

  • 90 per cent engineering cost reduction for offshore oil rig
  • 80 per cent time reduction for Gas Turbine development
  • Web-enabled engineers reduced oil rig development from months to days
  • 95 per cent design time reduction for power generation structures
  • 90 per cent engineering hours reduction for aircraft wiring schemes
  • 90 per cent time reduction to develop missile design.

It has been confidently predicted that Knowledge Based Engineering, combined with solid modelling and analytical prototyping, will become the Computer Aided Engineering process-enabler for engineers.

Are you ready to move forward? To find out how your business can gain access to the benefits of KBE, contact:

The Knowledge Based Engineering team
Birmingham City University
Faculty of Technology, Engineering and the Environment
Millennium Point, Curzon Street, Birmingham B4 7XG
Tel: 0121 331 5400