Powertrain Test and Development

Powertrain Test and Development research is a growing area and has seen us work successfully alongside a number of national and international companies using the latest techniques and groundbreaking technologies within the automotive industry.

With the advancement of modern vehicle control systems, our work in engine calibration and control has become closely involved in research relating to emissions control, fuel and power developments.

Unique facilities

In 2003, we installed a dynamometer-based power-train test-cell to research automotive emissions. This unique, independent auto-industry research facility, kept up-to-date by the Japanese test equipment supplier, caters for hybrid-engine research, such as Morgan LIFECar, and the exploration of cleaner burning fuels and bio-fuels.

Our work has led to creation of the Centre of Excellence for Heavy Diesel Emissions Engineering, focusing on sustainability in diesel performance. Research here is conducted through a high-powered, dynamometer-based test cell incorporating 'particulates', gas-emissions and pollution analysis systems. Through this work, we have played a valuable role in developing environmentally sustainable diesel power.


In 2004, we established the Advanced Powertrain Control Symposium. This biennial forum for the auto industry shares technological innovations of benefit to both the economy and the environment. The Symposium focuses on alternative fuels, hybrid power and innovative ways of reducing emissions in automotive industry.

We collaborate with Jaguar-Land Rover, Ford, MIRA, JCB, Ricardo, as well as leading automotive software developers, equipment specialists from Japan and India, and German powertrain consultancies. Our research is actively supported by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers.