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Key publications

Materials: Processing and Design
Engineering systems and design, logistics and supply chain management
Structural Integrity

-        M. R. Salami, M. M. Kashani and Katsuichiro Goda, Influence of advanced structural modelling technique, mainshock-aftershock sequences, and ground-motion types on seismic fragility of low-rise RC structures, Soil Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering, vol. 117, 2019, 263-279

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-        Bajda S., Dymek S., Krzyzanowski M., Retraint D., Majta J., Lisiecki L. and Kwiecien M.: Characterization of nanocrystallised multilayered metallic materials produced by the SMAT followed by constrained compression, Materials Characterization, Vol. 145, 2018, pp. 250-257

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-        Jesus A, Salami MR, Westgate R, Koo K, Brownjohn J, Laory I. Bayesian Structural Identification of a suspension bridge using temperature and traffic loading, The 8th International Conference on Structural Health Monitoring of Intelligent Infrastructure, Brisbane, Australia 2017.