What it's like to study a Master's in Engineering

Choosing to study a postgraduate degree has many benefits such as increasing your employment prospects and helping you become more specialist within your field of interest. Plus, it’s a great way to pursue your real passion. We asked MSc Project Management student, Lucia Morais, to tell us about her time on the course and why you should consider studying a Master's in Engineering. 

Lucia Morais
Postgraduate Student

Should I do a Masters?

Why did you decide to study a postgraduate in Project Management? 

During my undergraduate degree in Business Administration, one of my modules was Operational Management. That was the first time I was introduced to a subject very close to project management and logistics, and to my surprise I found a real love for the subject. This prompted me to decide to expand my interest in this area by doing an MSc in Project Management. I have to say that Birmingham City University has met and continues to surpass my expectations for the course due to the level of student support.

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What’s the most exciting element of your course?

When I am set a new project I do not really know what to expect from it. Especially when it comes to group projects, but in my opinion group work is where we learn the most. The skills I have learned through team work have been amazing, like learning to respect people’s differences and sharing creative ideas! I’d say I definitely find group assignments hard but exciting at the same time.

What opportunities have arisen out of your postgraduate?

One of the main opportunities that has arisen is the opportunity to be a member of the Association of Project Management (APM) for free. APM is a vital platform for graduates seeking job opportunities or trying to take their first steps in the industry. The association provides us with connections to get a graduate job and the opportunity to meet a representative of the association during class. We are able to ask questions and raise any doubts we had relating to our course and what we can expect from the jobs market.

How has your postgraduate differed from your undergraduate?

My postgraduate was definitely extremely different because my undergraduate was a more numerical course. My undergraduate was also in another continent with a totally different educational system. I feel very lucky to have seen a bit of both worlds as it’s certainly a different experience. For a postgraduate course there is more expectation from you as a student when it comes to planning your assessments and exams; so you need to be very organised and disciplined. It also involves a lot of self-study and self-interest in the course you are studying.

How do you think your postgraduate studies will improve your employability?

My postgraduate will certainly increase my employability chances. I am extremely positive with regards to my own personal accomplishments and my postgraduate has helped me network and create opportunities for myself. The CEBE Careers Team has helped me improve my CV and shown me ways to advertise the skills that I have gained from my studies.

What are your plans after your graduate?

My plans for after my postgraduate are to work in the project management field, perhaps something that is linked to finance just so my undergraduate knowledge can be used too. However, with such an open-minded course I am not planning on working for a company for very long, instead I see myself running different projects on a freelance basis or with my own business.

What would your advice be for those considering studying a Postgraduate in Engineering?

A postgraduate in engineering requires a lot of responsibility and discipline in order to self-study. I would advise everyone that loves engineering to do a postgraduate without hesitation. A postgraduate will give you the opportunity to learn more about your field of interest, learning things you might not have learned during your undergraduate. Using myself as an example, I have learned so much more during my postgraduate despite my undergraduate being management related. Don’t limit yourself!

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