Meet the Technicians

We’re committed to providing you with support throughout your degree. Our experienced technicians provide hands on assistance with use of our facilities and provide guidance on projects.

Meet our technicians and learn how their experience and expertise will help you in your studies, whilst also preparing you for your career after university.

Meet Ishver Patel

Senior Technician/Demonstrator,
School of Engineering and Built Environment

“My role is to operate all the laboratories and ensure the workshop is running smoothly and satisfactorily to high standard. This includes carrying out maintenance, administration work on ordering system, and Health Safety procedures according BS regulations within CEBE department.

I teach and demonstrate practical activities within the faculty to first year and foundations year i.e. Mechanical/Automotive/Civil Engineering/Biomedical and Thermodynamics practical sessions in engineering modules.

I support CDIO project modules, second year practical sessions in Design and Materials module, final year project students' practical activities and assist research students with their practical projects work.”

Meet Gregory Dunn

School of Engineering and Built Environment

"Emerging from making art-based education, that spanned four decades, I am now pleased to have been given the opportunity to accrue a new set of creative skills in the Engineering department. I love working alongside individuals with lively minds and people who share a love of problem solving and there appear to plenty at BCU.

When I’m not thinking about walking in woods & on hills, I’m day-dreaming about, once again, returning to Japan.”

Meet Mohammed Chomok

Placement Technician,
School of Engineering and Built Environment

“I support the lab sessions for year 1 engineering groups and participate in the civil, mechanical and electronics labs. I have also been supervising the year 2 projects in design and materials and look forward to working my way around the workshop and laboratory during the span of my placement.

In my free time I like to design and model parts that could be used in any small projects I have of my own. At home, I use fusion 360 to design and a standard 3D printer which allows me to create my models and test them and get a real-life experience.

I have designed and printed the single cylinder engine from the year 2 project, this had enabled me to understand limits fits and tolerances, I have designed, printed, and soldered a simple fan, a solar panel sun tracking device using Arduino which I had completed using the Arduino nano.”

Meet Shahla Sohrab

School of Engineering and Built Environment

“I have over 10 years Automotive industry experience and my background includes MSc in Aerospace engineering, BSC Mechanical Engineering and Level 3 in Automotive Engineering.

I’m currently working as a lab technician in the Hydraulic lab and in charge of the engine test cell Project. This includes upgrading the engine test cell to the new equipment and technologies such as Hybrid and Electronic Engines. I’m also focused on designing an alternative close loop system for mobile engine test and make in run for next semester MSC student.”

Headshot of CEBE technician Aarif

Meet Aarif Karoliwala

Placement Technician,
School of Engineering and Built Environment

“I am a second year mechanical engineering student. I am currently doing a placement year at BCU. I find my role rewarding as I work alongside people who love their job and I get to learn new things every week.

From an early age I was intrigued by how mechanical systems operate. I used to go to an old auto shop back home where I used to observe them fixing the parts. That got me even more excited to learn in depth about how everything works and operates which led me to peruse engineering as a degree of choice.

I am also really fascinated by Japanese culture and hopefully one day if everything goes well, I could use my knowledge and skills gained while working and studying here at BCU, to have an opportunity to work somewhere in Japan.”

Headshot of Cebe technician chris

Meet Chris Evans

School of Engineering and Built Environment

“ I joined BCU about 15 years ago as an undergraduate student back during the days of the TIC (Technology Innovation Centre) which was part of UCE (University of central England). My degree is in Computer science and Electronic engineering and my areas of expertise generally fall into these two categories but is not limited to them. Over the years I have been part of many exciting changes at the university, some of which I have been instrumentally involved in steering and I very much enjoy seeing these exciting changes come to fruition.

I enjoy anything to do with IoT, smart home automation and intelligent systems. I am a keen green energy advocate, with projects ranging from solar energy generation to domestic home battery storage solutions. My current project is the construction of a DIY Tesla power-wall from recycled laptop 18650 batteries with an aim to go completely off grid. I use these expertise to my advantage in the garden too, with much of the watering, feeding and heating done automatically.”

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