Past Projects

Evaluation of the Professional Exchange Network Programme

Birmingham City  University is undergoing research to critically evaluate the impact of the Professional Exchange Network programme.

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The factors affecting the quality of the ‘off-the-job’ element of apprenticeships in the West Midlands region

The research aimed to explore the challenges of putting together and delivering successful apprenticeship programmes.  ...

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Open School Doors

Reducing disparities in learning outcomes for children from refugee, asylum seeker, and newly arrived migration context...

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Transforming Lives and Communities

Focusing on colleges not just as a producers of human capital but rather, as important community resources.

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Preparing students for patient engagement with VR

Compassionate care is experiential and hard to teach, but VR could help prepare health students for their first engage...

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Leadership and the quality of teaching and learning in FE

What is the relationship between leadership and improving teaching and learning?

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The impact and implications of the Teaching Excellence Framework

An exploration of the impact and implications of the Teaching Excellence Framework

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Improving learning and teaching through collaborative observation

The primary aim of this project was to create a sustainable and collaborative model of observations.

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Belonging and achieving at BCU: pedagogy for all

Exploring how making a space in the curriculum for students to share aspects of their cultural background and identity ...

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Template for performative inquiry

This study draws on Hill’s ‘cabaret’ research dissemination to develop a template to use for the range of exemplars.

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Using performative modes of research dissemination

The researchers in this project are actively and proactively exploring creative modes of research dissemination.

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Exemplars of performative inquiry

The research is in its early stages and has already identified exemplars of creative modes of research dissemination. ...

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Communities of Practice around research supervision

Researchers are providing an array of approaches to investigating research supervision.

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Leadership, further education and social justice

This research project aims to explore how further education leaders who have a self-professed history of commitment to...

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What value does a Master’s in Education have for diverse student groups?

Exploring the experiences and motivations of students partipating in taught Master's courses to understand the benefit...

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Partnership around Continuous Training of Teachers (PaCCT)

Partners share practice and experience through exchange visits, research and mapping.

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Pedagogies for the Virtual Campus

This was a collaborative project between Birmingham City University, The Manchester College and the…

Creative Methodologies in HE and FE Settings

This Higher Education Academy funded project explored the value of using creative methods for…

Embedding academic writing practices in subject specialist teaching and learning in ELSS

This project involves working with teaching teams across the faculty to develop strategies and…

Cognition in mathematics

"Given a problem to solve they know what kind of maths they need to use … it makes them think…

Communicative musicality: sounds rhythms and pulses in music and language

Research has shown that a developing foetus can discriminate sounds in the womb from 22 weeks…


Literacies for employabilities

This multidisciplinary HEA Collaborative project developed by Birmingham City University staff and…

Literacies for Employability

Improving student understanding of employability as a dynamic, lifelong concept.

Educational Activism in Brazil

Birmingham City University and the University of East Anglia are currently engaged in a…