Past Projects

Partnership around Continuous Training of Teachers (PaCCT)

Partners share practice and experience through exchange visits, research and mapping.

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students in classroom

Pedagogies for the Virtual Campus

This was a collaborative project between Birmingham City University, The Manchester College and the…

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Creative Methodologies in HE and FE Settings

This Higher Education Academy funded project explored the value of using creative methods for…

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Embedding academic writing practices in subject specialist teaching and learning in ELSS

This project involves working with teaching teams across the faculty to develop strategies and…

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Cognition in mathematics

"Given a problem to solve they know what kind of maths they need to use … it makes them think…

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Communicative musicality: sounds rhythms and pulses in music and language

Research has shown that a developing foetus can discriminate sounds in the womb from 22 weeks…

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Literacies for employabilities

This multidisciplinary HEA Collaborative project developed by Birmingham City University staff and…

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Literacies for Employability

Improving student understanding of employability as a dynamic, lifelong concept.

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Educational Activism in Brazil

Birmingham City University and the University of East Anglia are currently engaged in a…

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