Professor Mike Neary

Mike Neary staff profile

Visiting Professor at CSPACE

School of Education and Social Work

Mike is involved in work to establish a post-capitalist university, grounded historically in the radical practices and culture of the co-operative labour movement. His own theoretical work is derived out of a critical reinterpretation of Karl Marx's social theory that seeks to restore the problem of communism as the central issue for revolutionary politics. Mike is working with colleagues and students to develop the work of Henri Lefebvre (1901 - 1991),  a key figure in the critical reappraisal of Marxism, and, in particular, on Lefebvre's notion of rhythmanalysis. Lefebvre proposed rhythmanalysis as the basis for a new science or field of knowledge by which humanity might consider the many global emergencies confronting people and the planet.  

Areas of Expertise