Our partners

 All of the CSPACE project team has extensive experience of successful delivery of externally funded research projects. Examples of recent work include national projects funded by the AHRC, Arts Council England, Department for Education, the Gatsby Foundation, the Further Education Trust for Leadership, the Higher Education Funding Council for England, the Sutton Trust and the University and College Union, among others.

The team is highly experienced in designing and leading research and evaluation projects in a wide range of educational settings such as schools, FE colleges and HE settings.

CSPACE welcomes and seeks out collaborative partnerships with a range of external individuals, community organisations and institutions in order to exchange ideas, build capacity and enhance our skill and knowledge base.  The full-time CSPACE membership is complemented by a host of visiting scholars, professors and practitioners.  Visiting professorships are held by Christine Pascal and Tony Bertram from the highly esteemed Centre for Research Early Childhood (CREC) with who we have an established collaborative partnership through their MA and SCITT programmes.  

Professor Emeritus Mike Neary has been appointed as a Visiting Professor from 2019 in order In order to support and develop the Rhythmanalysis agenda, established as a key area of research at CSPACE by Dakka. Prof. Neary inaugurated his Visiting Professorship by delivering the opening keynote at CSPACE 2019 Summer conference.  Dr. Susan Foster-Cohen from the world-leading Champion Centre in New Zealand was a visiting fellow from 2016 to 2019 and during this time delivered an international guest lecture to the CiERG cluster and colleagues in CSHCARR as well as a keynote for the cluster at an interdisciplinary conference organised by them. She has now been appointed Visiting Professor in order to enhance bid writing for the cluster.

Members of CSPACE have developed networks through specialist and discrete international symposia, for example the international symposium organised by Dakka ‘Chasing Rhythm Encounters At The Edge Of Academic & Epistemological Traditions’ bringing together experts in rhythm analysis in May which resulted in a sustained and successful effort to gather international scholars who share an interest a the cross-disciplinary analysis and understanding of rhythm.  2019; the Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Premature Birth Symposia organised by Blackburn in July 2017 and the #ReimagineFE grassroots movement instigated by O’Leary, Smith and Savage.