Voices Foundation Singing Schools Programme

Assisting the Voices Foundation to develop clear and focused project objectives and outcomes.

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Adam Whittaker

Research background

Singing Schools is a two-year project run by The Voices Foundation, in partnership with the David Ross Education Trust, and funded by Paul Hamlyn Teacher Development Fund. The Voices Foundation has been working since 1993 to help schools, academies, Music Education Hubs and other partners across the UK to establish sustainable and effective music education in their settings providing bespoke, singing programmes for nursery, primary and secondary schools, academies and Music Education Hubs. The Teacher Development Fund programmes focus on inquiry-based school development projects in which teachers and artist practitioners are positioned as co-learners and reflect on the effectiveness of CPD input. Birmingham City University are acting as evaluator for the Singing Schools programme with six primary schools.

Research aims

The Singing Schools evaluation aims to examine the impact the Singing School model has on the educational outcomes of children and young people. 

Key questions include:

  1. What impact does the Singing School model have on the educational outcomes of children and young people? 
  2. How effective is the programme in meeting the specific needs of disadvantaged children in the schools with which we work? 
  3. To what extent has the programme impacted on teachers’ confidence in using music and singing in the classroom
  4. How can artist practitioners develop and embed an asset-based approach to teacher development in their practice?
  5. What evidence is there that the Singing School model is ‘transforming’ school culture and embedding arts-based learning into curriculum planning and whole school improvement?



How is the research being carried out?

This research will see qualitative data being gathered through school visits, lesson observations, surveys and interviews with senior leaders, classroom teachers, artist practitioners, and parents. Alongside these data, pupil level attainment and attendance data will be monitored closely throughout the programme to better understand the potential for singing to act as a catalyst for improving school engagement and pupil wellbeing.

For more information, visit the Voices Foundation website.