Kerry Taylor

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Senior Lecturer

School of Education and Social Work
0121 331 7197

Kerry is currently leading the PGCE Science routes teaching on both the Professional Studies module and Subject Pedagogy module where she specialises in biology education. Professional Studies aim to prepare trainees for the wider role of the teacher, considering aspects of the profession concerned with safeguarding and prevent; as well as looking at general aspects of the profession covering differentiation, behaviour management and assessment. These broad topics are then consider in subject sessions where trainees apply these to the science classroom and the science national curriculum.

In subject pedagogy session’s trainees look at subject knowledge and consider how to effectively teach this to children and evaluate subject specific pedagogies such as practical work, demonstrations and modelling.  

Kerry is also delivering the Year 1 assignments for the Teach First PGDE programme. The first assignment, ‘Emerging Philosophy of Teaching and Learning’ encourages trainees to consider the way in which they want to teach and relate this to their subject and subject specific pedagogies. Trainees have the opportunities to research and share best in delivering lesson content to include, but limited to the use of diagnostic questions, practical work, concept cartoons, classroom demonstrations and modelling and then evaluate the impact this has had on pupil progress, allowing trainees to develop their future practice.

In the second assignment, ‘Leading Learning in Communities’, trainees consider the impact that other stakeholders have on a child’s progress and look at developing these kinds of relationships in the best interest of a child’s education.

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