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  • Sandeep Singh Chahil


    Sandeep has a background in corporate video production, having spent several years producing content for commercial video projects. He’s experienced in all stages of this process, with a strong technical knowledge of hardware and software systems. 

  • Kira Summers

    Programme Leader, Lecturer

    Akira Summers has been working in software and technological development since the year 2000. Starting off in web development and interactive media, she has held many development roles and spent several years working as an embedded game programmer, multimedia developer and learning technologist.   She now works...

  • Dr Yonghao Wang

    Associate Professor

    Dr. Yonghao (Leo) Wang is an esteemed academic with over 20 years of experience in the fields of Networking and Cybersecurity, with a special focus on blockchain technology and decentralised communication systems. His expertise also extends to Digital Signal Processing (DSP) for multimedia, as well as Cloud and Edge...

  • Ian Williams

    Professor of Visual Computing and Head of the Digital Media Technology Lab (DMT Lab)

    Prof. Williams is Head of the Digital Media Technology Lab (DMT Lab) and leads the research strategy and vision for the Lab which encompasses the four core domains of: Human Computer Interaction (HCI), Computer Graphics and Computer Vision, Sound and Music Analysis and Broadcast Systems.  He gained his PhD from Manchester...

  • Dr Wenge Xu

    Lecturer in Human-Computer Interaction

    Dr Wenge Xu is a lecturer in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI). He specialises in HCI, Extended (Virtual, Augmented, Mixed) Reality (XR), (External) Human-Machine Interface, and Serious Games. Dr Xu earned his PhD in Computer Science in 2021 with “Motion-based Interaction for Head-Mounted Displays” at the University of...

15 items found, viewing items 11 to 15.

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