Mathew Randall

Senior Lecturer in Visual Effects and Computer Graphics

School of Computing and Digital Technology - CDT
0121 331 7443

Mathew Randall is the Senior Lecturer in Visual Effects and Computer Graphics.

Mathew has been working with computer graphics since the mid 1990s and has been involved in moving image production for over 10 years. Coming from an academic background in multimedia, he has extensive experience in real-time computer graphics and rendering, designing and developing user interfaces, games, systems for visualising data and signals, video systems for concerts and festivals, interactive sonic and video installations and real-time generative art.

Since 2010 Mathew has been drawing on his experience in computer graphics to work in visual effects production. He has experience and expertise: Image Acquisition for VFX, 3D Modelling and Animation, Matchmoving and Compositing.

As Programme Leader he believes BSc undergraduate courses in film or VFX demand a broad set of skills from its students, as the courses cover a fusion of technical, creative and business skills. “One day a student might be analysing films or developing a character within a script, the next they are using advance post-production tools or designing a conforming process to facilitate editing of 4k RAW footage. All the while they are developing their own personal plan to develop their career in the film industry”.

“We challenge and inspire our students to develop a broad range of skills, not just to meet the demands of employers, but in the interest of giving our graduates careers with more autonomy, allowing them to move around different parts of the film industry or use these skills in related industries.”

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