Junaid Arshad

Dr. Junaid Arshad has 14 years of research experience and expertise in investigating and addressing cybersecurity challenges for diverse computing paradigms such as Grid computing, Cloud computing, IoT, and blockchain. He is actively engaged in cutting-edge R&D distributed ledger technologies including blockchains, Tangle and Hashgraphs, investigating novel challenges to improve state of the art for such technologies as well as their use to solve real-world challenges.

Junaid is an alumnus of the Innovate UK & DCMS funded CyberASAP programme, commercially prototyping the CyMonD system for effective monitoring & defence of IoT-based systems against cyber-threats. Junaid has successfully achieved research funding from UK and overseas funding agencies, and has worked as a security specialist for a number of EU funded projects with experience of developing bespoke security solutions.

He is also actively involved in research surrounding analysis of malware for mobile and IoT devices focusing on profiling malicious behaviour to achieve runtime detection and defence. Junaid has successfully published high quality research within cybersecurity and has more than 50 publications at high quality venues including journals, book chapters, conferences and workshops. He is an Associate Editor for the Cluster Computing and IEEE Access journals and regularly serves on program and review committees of several journals and conferences.

Areas of Expertise